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Volume shippers, eBay shippers, and those in the shipping industry that put our “Quick Quote Calculator” on their website… qualify for big discounts.

Did you know that you can also paste our calculator onto your own website? Making it easy for your customers to calculate freight, saving you time from shopping around, all in one click.

Australia Courier tool is saving you big time!

With the current state of the economy you are looking to save every dollar you can. You can’t afford to throw away even a few cents. Your profit margins are going to return back to the original level you were used to before the recession hit once you start using the courier Australia tool.

You can make the freight companies compete for your business. It’s easy, really. They need it so badly that they will try to undercut their competition. Many freight companies are shipping at only slightly above cost. This is great for you and the courier Australia tool takes full advantage of this.

You will save a ton of time by having the Australia courier tool compare multiple rates from multiple carriers. And if you aren’t going to provide this service yourself, your customers can access the courier Australia tool and pay and book right on the site. This could save both of you time and money.

The Australia courier tool handles all types of shipments: local, interstate, national, international, satchel, parcel, box, and many more. The Australia courier tool provides courier delivery nation-wide, too, with no minimum spends and no minimum fees. Can you imagine how, in this current day, there can be companies that are providing such excellent service without minimum commitments? Well that’s exactly what the courier Australia tool does for you.

You will receive instant freight rates with absolutely zero wait time. The Australia courier tool lets you choose your carrier, economy class or express/same-day shipping or any other options. And the best part is that most of these carriers will provide insurance (some even at no cost). The Australia courier tool really can help revolutionize your business.

You can get instant consignment notes on most freight companies that are participating with the Australia courier tool. And we’re adding more all the time. Our company is completely Australian owned and operated, so you can be sure the Australia courier tool is operating with the best type of integrity.

Our system has helped many Australians reduce their transport costs significantly. You can even set up the courier Australia tool to interact with your customer relationship management or content management systems, easing the process for you, your customers, your suppliers and your employees. We really have gone out of our way to make sure the Australia courier tool is the most robust freight comparison tool available to the world.

Whether you are using Joomla, Virtuemart, Drupal or any other systems, our API is easy for developers. Your software engineers are going to love that you chose to work with Australia courier tool. Don’t consider any other tool if you want to make things easy for yourself. The Australia courier tool is the best of them all.

When you are ready to reduce the difficulties associated with shipping you will sign up for the Australia courier tool. We designed and implemented this application to reduce the difficulties the average person deals with when working for customers in a way that involves shipping or freight. The Australia courier tool truly is revolutionary.